26th Symposium
Anatomy, Biomechanics & Challenging Treatment of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint
3 February 2018 | Brussels, Belgium

Hands-on Cadaver Precourse: Brussels Upper Limb Arthroscopy Workshop
1-2 February 2018

Aims and Format

Starting in 1992, the annual Brussels Hand and Upper Limb International Symposium organized by Frederic Schuind and hold in Genval close to Brussels rapidly became a landmark in interdisciplinary scientific podiums to exchange medical knowledge in this rapidly growing and changing field.

We actually accept the challenge to continue the format and aim of the meeting, bringing it back into Brussels City, focusing on international exchange and come together of neighbor colleagues from the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and all parts of Belgium and all European and International colleagues and friends interested by the specific format of the meeting.

Recognized experts will give key lectures on the chosen topic, free papers are added and huge time is reserved for discussion. Moreover, the pre-congress day offers practical tasks with hands-on in arthroscopy and ultrasound, for the trainees and experienced who want to learn more about new diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Continue to trust us and join us for the next Brussels Hand Symposium in Brussels, the heart of Europe, for an interesting scientific and social program.